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Streamline your incentive claims today, power your innovations of tomorrow.

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Welcome to R&D Edge - KPMG's new end-to-end online solution for R&D tax claims. Get the full support of KPMG advice backed by a streamlined and collaborative platform to help you achieve better R&D outcomes.

Designed by KPMG using first-hand industry knowledge and experience. The result is a simple and intuitive solution.


Minimise business disruption, save time and reduce complexity. The process is easy to manage, with everything in the one spot.


Create full visibility of your R&D project activity and discover deeper insights into your R&D.


Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of R&D Edge to support your R&D; and access KPMG's R&D Tax advice anytime.


Our focussed dashboard and bespoke workflow guides you step-by-step along the way.

The task management functionality keeps you on top of everything and automation makes sure you don't miss key milestones.

Track and monitor

your claim with complete visibility and transparency

Easy data input

and document collation for the whole team


with KPMG for advice every step of the way

Detect and manage

important issues early & troubleshoot

Manage regulator risk

thanks to our proven processes & substantiation protocols

Secure and private

to keep your information safe

Never miss a deadline

with automated tasks, alerts and reminders

Anywhere, anytime access

to our KPMG team through the cloud platform

Our professionals bring real world commerciality to your R&D incentive claims. Our people have backgrounds in science and technology, and deep understanding of the Incentive program, tax law and the policy landscape.


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